On the 1st of March we are delighted to host a show that takes a closer look at the inner workings of the fashion world: the relationship between the models, the photographer and the modeling agencies. Chipping at the walls of the "fashion monster" as he calls it, aspiring talents usually need to follow an almost predefined set of steps to get their foot in the door. Șerban hijacks this ladder and assembles his own type of low-budget/high-impact structure through a series photographs .

The exhibition runs us through a 20sqm hoarder's flat used as a background for shooting different models, as well as peculiar details, and quiet objects, captured during three separate trips taken to the very same apartment in the city’s 19th arrondissement. Șerban creates set designs with stuff found in every room, exploits the clutter and turns it into a beautiful frame for the portraits, bringing depth and narrative to an otherwise dull comp card
Șerban Andrei (b.1999, Bucharest, Romania) is an emerging photographer working around the fashion industry, with brief pitstops for experimentation in every other corner of the art world.Taking the trips and doing everything by himself - the calls and emails, carefully scheduling his shooting days in the short time visiting, managing a tight budget, they all bring out a meticulous and ritualistic way of approaching things.

All artworks is printed in a limited edition giclee prints, DM if intrested.

The exhibition is accompanied by an artist publication entiatled CHIPS, published by Papertraffic.