03/05-11/06/ 2023

SOLO SHOW Mihai Sovaila
The black and white photographs depict the arid landscape of the first airport built in post-comunist Romania. The title "Holding Pattern" refers to a maneuver used in aviation, designed to delay an aircraft already in flight by keeping it in a specified airspace. The black-and-white photographs revolve around the airport runway and present a portrait of a waiting landscape imbued with deep geopolitical nuances.

︎︎︎ all photographs come in an limited edition of 3
︎︎︎ size 50x70 cm framed
︎︎︎ Diptych 2 individual framed photographs
︎︎︎ large scale 160x240 cm framed

About the Artist:

Mihai Șovăială is an artist who lives and works in Zurich. Since 2013, his work has focused on urban development structures and their peripheries, questioning the impact of architecture on the context and history of the city. His works are displayed as installations in exhibition contexts or in book format, often independently published