22/02/ 2022-24/03/ 2022

Mihai Barabancea
Mihai Barabacea's photography is nothing less than "brutally poetic" he continuously reinvents his own make and artistic universe, a parallel world rooted in a violent realism of an eastern european anti aesthetic. Metatronix 3000" teleports us into this sublime catastrophe, a world populated with cars, nudity, burning limousines, oculus simulators and headsets, energy pyramids, robotic ostriches, scarred angels and costumed people. In a post-apocalyptic world, living among the remains of civilization, the survivors seek refuge in parallel worlds trying to find a communion of cables and metal.

︎︎︎ all works are limited edition digigraphies,
︎︎︎6 of the works are printed on glass,
︎︎︎the wallprints are printed on vinyl, they are unique sold only in one copy