15/06-13/07/ 2023

Razvan Neagoe & Claudia Retegan

  1. Morbi Ultricies Sem AC Velit
  2. Consequat Dictum
  3. Proin Dignissim Nisi Non Dignis
  4. Imperdiet Nulla Dolor
  5. Fusce in Enim Nec Ipsum Males
  6. Sit Amet Consectetur

"The chair is one of the most written about objects of interior design. It is the piece of furniture that reflects most variations in style throughout the ages, the chair is also a political furniture, from the beginning of its history it has been in close connection with symbols of power, this can be traced back to modern day. Whether it is in a private home, at the table, in the kitchen, at home, in a workplace or in public offices, a chair is more than a decorative object, it is maintaining a very specific function, being designed to seat a single person. The works on display represent a collection of photographs, these chairs have apparently nothing and yet everything in common. What do the chairs, that we can no longer sit on, convey? These works by no means pretend to be an exhaustive anthology of the chair. " Claudia Retegan

︎︎︎ all works are black and white darkroom prints, either digitally printed lambda on photographic paper, artist darkroom prints or archive gelatin silver photographs